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The Eloqua Assessment was crafted for you by DemandGen's award-winning consulting team and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The questions have been developed and refined over the years to give you clear and actionable insights based on your unique responses. You'll also receive recommendations and benchmarks against your peers.

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Your Custom Profile Awaits

Our assessment engine will generate your assessment profile in just minutes based on your responses covering Eloqua usage, adoption, integration, and overall impact.

What's The Impact?

The impact of your Eloqua Assessment isn't simply in the profile you receive — although that, in itself, is outstanding. No, it's having the clarity on where to focus your efforts to perform at the highest level.

Who is It For?

Anyone using Eloqua will get value from the assessment. In fact, the more members of your team that take the assessment, the more value it will provide to you all.

Oracle Gold Partner

For over a decade, DemandGen has been awarded the Gold Digital Services Partner and Cloud Excellence Implementer designation by Oracle | Eloqua based on our consistent success helping 100's of Eloqua customers become top performers.

50+ Markie Winners

Over the past decade, DemandGen's clients have won over 50 Markie Awards in virtually every category and we'd like to help you win too. Do you like Demand Waterfalls? Factoid: 63% of the Sirius Decisions ROI winners have worked with DemandGen. Not a coincidence.